March 20, 2024

Whiskers and Wheels: The Art of Choosing Pet-Friendly Rental Cars

By David

If you’re planning to bring your dog along on your trip, there are many dog-friendly car rental options to choose from. A few rental agencies charge extra fees for dirty vehicles as well as those that have pet hair and odor.

Dollar offers cars for rent with pet owners free of charge. However, they recommend that pets be kept inside a crate, and washing up any pet hair or scent before returning it. Each location has its own policy.

Optional travel options

The pet-friendly rental car services offer users the chance to take their pets on holiday without worry about additional charges or limitations. They can provide different types of vehicles to pet owners. The company also has cleaning rules in place to ensure that the rental vehicle is clean and tidy when the user returns the vehicle.

Thrifty is one of them. It offers car rentals that are pet friendly at many locations. Pets do not have to pay an extra fee. In order to avoid the $250 clean fee, they require that vehicles are returned with no pet hair or odor. Additionally, the traveler is responsible to ensure that their pet is in an animal carrier or booster.

Renting a car with pet-friendly amenities is an excellent option for traveling with dogs because it eliminates the need to find pet-friendly accommodations or restaurants which can reduce costs. It can ease the burden for the pet’s owner and their pet.

The benefits of pet-friendly rental cars

Several car rental companies allow pets inside their cars. Enterprise, Alamo, and National Car Rental are a number of car rental companies that allow dogs. It is essential to find out the pet policy of a business prior to renting a car. Also, make sure to inquire whether there are additional fees.

Dollar Car Rental has more than 800 locations. They allow pets to travel in car rental vehicles for no additional fee. To prevent additional charges for cleaning, they ask customers to ensure that pets are kept in crates, and wash the vehicle from any smells or hair. It is not necessary to crate your pet when service animals are used by customers with disabilities.

Sixt Rent A Car was created in 1912 by the same family. The company has more than 1500 locations are located around the globe and they offer an inexpensive selection of cars. They’re pet-friendly and ask that customers transport their pets in the back seat in a car animal carrier.

The cost of renting a Car with Pets

You should inform your car rental provider in advance of you’re traveling with your pet. This will prevent unexpected surprises on the day of pick-up. Contact the rental provider to inquire about the pet-friendly options, such as barrier-free areas or place for carriers and crates. They can help make the excursion more pleasant and safe for all.

A few companies, including Payless and Payless, have particular requirements when traveling with pets. Payless, for instance, has a requirement that pets be restrained inside a pet carrier when traveling. Additionally, customers must return the vehicles clean and free from pet odors and hair so as to avoid any additional cleaning fees.

Alamo is a little less stringent in its pet policy, and is not charging additional fees for pets. They do ask that renters keep their pets in a crate inside the rear of the car. The company also encourages renters to bathe their pet’s fur before they return to the car.

Tips to Rent an Car that has pets

Numerous companies provide automobiles that are pet friendly. You must choose an automobile that provides enough space for your dog, and has a climate control system to ensure your pet’s temperature at a reasonable level throughout the travel, particularly during extreme temperatures. Check for features inside to ensure your car is safe from pet-related stains, spills or any other possible messes See details of rental car service.

Pet travel sites that are specifically designed for pets have vast databases of rental car businesses that accept pets. They also include detailed information about the policies of each business, as well as fee and restrictions. This could save you time and effort when searching for a pet-friendly car rental.

If it is possible, opt for a vehicle with the interior of a cloth because they are cleaner as opposed to leather and draw more pet hair. Also bring mess-prevention helpers like lint rollers or dryer sheets to eliminate pet hair and unpleasant smells that can be found in rental cars. Not to mention, make sure your pet is securely secured inside a crate or harness that’s been thoroughly tested in crash tests to ensure that your pet is safe.