October 18, 2023

From Work to Formal Events: Styling Your White Dress Shirt

By David

All men should own the white dress shirt that is in their closet. It’s a staple item that looks great with a suit or sports jacket.

Find fabrics with a tight weave like broadcloth or poplin. These are fantastic choices for shirts that can be worn in conjunction with a tie, or jacket. They’re not susceptible to wrinkles.


When you’re planning to go for office, a job appointment or even a wedding the white dress shirt is an essential piece of clothing. It’s the essential element of a formal dress and will take your look to new levels of class.

The majority of dress shirts are created equal, however. If you are shopping for a dress shirt, make sure you choose a garment that is a sturdy cotton blend (a strong weave like herringbone or twill can hold its form and keep it from showing through) look for shirts with moisture-wicking and wrinkle release technology. They’re perfect for those who are traveling and want to keep your outfit looking sharp.

Aristino sleeved shirt

If you’re uncomfortable with slim-fitting clothes, opt for a roomier construction such as Everlane’s All Day Oxford shirt, that combines a timeless cut with the breathable linen fabric. It’s a fantastic choice for warmer weather, and works well if you’re looking to pair your dress with a pair of dapper dark slacks or denim.

Wardrobe Essential

White dress shirts are the foundation of every gentleman’s classic wardrobe. If you’re creating your own wardrobe from scratch or revamping your existing wardrobe A white Oxford dress shirt is essential. You should look for a robust weave (pinpoint, the twill) and a spread collar that is suitable for wearing with or without tie.

If you’re looking to not stay with a standard poplin or broadcloth dress shirt, look for a lightweight linen-like cotton. The fabric breathes and is soft to the feel with a luxurious drape. It looks great with trousers and jeans for casual looks and could wear with a tailored jacket or sports coat to dress down the ensemble.

If you’re looking to add the appearance of a pattern, consider a light blue check or smaller white and red gingham. The designs will appear more subtle with a white background, and will work with every suit and sport coat. Just remember to stay far from big-scale designs that are better suited for relaxed shirt fabric like plaid and gingham.


In any gentleman’s wardrobe, it’s likely to be a white dress shirt – it’s the most popular choice for dressed in a suit, or sporting coat with an afghan. It also works well with darker business attire and formal outfits such as black tie (aka tuxedos).

Although it’s not a smart idea to wear large scale patterns on shirts for formal wear, for those who want to add some variety to your wardrobe opt for a lighter blue one with subtle patterning, such as a white and red windowpane or gray tattersall in light grey, or a microcheck. Just be sure to pair it with a formal tie.

When it comes to fabrics, the best white dress shirt is usually broadcloth or poplin. Both are tightly knit fabrics with a crisp appearance and hold up to frequent wear and washing. Collars are another vital factor to take into consideration A spread collar can work just as well in conjunction with or without tie and is the most traditional selection and check this out https://aristino.com/ao-so-mi-nam.html. Make sure to choose top quality buttons, such as those manufactured by Emma Willis or Turnbull & Assert that are made from mother of pearls and are thermally fixed to ensure that they don’t loosen over the course of.


If you’re trying to make your white shirt for formal gatherings or for work make sure you choose one with a more robust weave such as the Oxford cotton. This type of fabric has the rigidity of poplin that is softened by washing it a few times. It’s also less prone to wrinkles, and is more durable than poplin. It’s a favorite of companies like UNTUCKit and sells oxford cotton men’s shirts that come in a variety of styles, from tailored to loose fitting.

A comfortable cotton twill shirt like the one offered by Sunspel is also a great choice. This traditional style is an essential part of a suit and tie look and looks great in conjunction with a blazer, sports coat, and dark pants for evening events.

If you’re looking for a relaxed suit, look at this slim version from Banana Republic. The back darting helps keep this tie-friendly model in shape, while the spread collar lets you wear an open, casual collar with no tie. The cotton poplin’s crispness is treated with non-iron technology to keep it looking fresh.