sports watch for men
January 18, 2022

The main functions of a sports watch

By David

To improve the quality of training, you should use a sports watch. The gadget will help you calculate the load, see the distance and pace of running. Unlike smart watches, a sports device will help you fully concentrate on training and not be distracted by incoming calls and notifications.

For beginners , a sports watch for men with little functionality is suitable. Such a gadget will help you successfully train and not puzzle over the meaning of different indicators. Before choosing a device, you need to decide what options are needed.

The main options for sports watches include:

  • measurement of distance and pace of movement;
  • navigation;
  • pulse counter;
  • calorie counter.

The first two features are especially relevant for those who run. Controlling your cardio workouts is much easier when you have distance and speed information. The data motivate and force me to improve my own performance.

The navigator will help you build a route and not get lost while jogging. The built-in compass will help you correctly build a route and view information. Active burning of adipose tissue occurs in the zone of increased heart rate. That is why the corresponding counter is indispensable for those who follow their figure. The sports watch counts the number of strokes and shows the information on the display.

A calorie counter is another friend for an athlete. During exercise, calories are burned, which allows you to follow the figure. For the correct display of data, you must specify your weight and height.