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January 22, 2022

On-demand label printing: advantages and disadvantages

By David

Choose printing for internal labels

The needs of companies, especially if they are medium or medium-small companies, focus on a production that is often very personalized, both for management and for marketing. As we know, in Italy the medium and small business sector is the majority, for this reason, those who offer services to these companies can often find themselves facing excessive customization and high costsĀ direct mail in Jackson, TN

On the other hand, when you have a business, it is practically always necessary to print labels , both for internal needs and, sometimes for third parties. Whatever the situation, a good tip is to pause and think seriously about the combination: printing times and costs .

Advantages and disadvantages of printing labels on demand

Considering switching from external to internal printing could greatly simplify processes, as well as reduce costs.

Printing times and costs would benefit, as well as the labeling phases would become much easier to manage. In this way, in fact, the work flow becomes continuous, without the need to delegate to the outside an activity that instead lends itself well to being performed internally as well.

Like all choices and changes, it is important to weigh the pros and cons and, above all, focus on what are your needs and the peculiarities of the activity, evaluate your sector and the production phases and therefore consequently whether it is appropriate to make this decision.

The disadvantages of internal label printing essentially concern the quality factor, or rather: where refinement and higher quality graphics are sought quickly, printing outsourcing remains the best choice.

Another disadvantage is on quantities, in fact if standard labels are produced in series but in very high numbers, also in this case outsourcing remains the best way to deal with production. Desktop printing, albeit high-performance, would not equate label manufacturers ‘ mass printing.

Digital label printer : what you need to know

Before you finally decide whether to move label printing within your business, you need to go through choosing a digital label printer. It is not always easy or it is necessary to choose alone, doubts are often not lacking, so to be sure not to make mistakes, the first step is to turn to professionals.