signs you need a chimney repair
October 14, 2022

Corroded firebox or damper

By David

It is a good idea to inspect your damper for rust if they are having trouble using it. A corroded firebox or damper suggests that the chimney has had too much moisture. You might only need to repair these components if you are aware that the underlying, signs you need a chimney repair source of the water issue have already been resolved. The chimney should be examined to see why you have so much moisture if the origin of the rusting is unclear.

Ceramic or tile chips, flakes, or shards in the fireplace

The chimney liner is shaling if there is flake or shards of ceramic or tile in the hearth. Shaling is the process of a tile or ceramics flue liner starting to flake or fracture. Since the goal of a chimney liner is to prevent your home’s walls, ceiling, floors, and roof from catching on fire from errant sparks as well as heat from the chimney, continuing to use a fireplace with such a shaling chimney liner might simply result inside a house fire. The combustible components of any home near the fireplace will be more susceptible if the chimney liner is shaking.

A rusted or damaged chimney chase top

There is probably a chase cover, also known as a top pan, just at top of any fireplace whether it was manufactured or prefabricated. This cover shuts off the flue that keeps animals like birds and squirrels out of the chimney. Water may be accumulating inside it and leading it to corrode or degrade if it was not fitted correctly or if it is composed of galvanized metal rather than stainless steel. A damaged or rusted chase top can cause major damage to both chimneys and signs you need a chimney repair house in addition to being an eyesore. It is advisable to get the chimney chase top replaced as soon as you realize that it is damaged.

Replacement of a Chimney Chase When

It could be time to install a new chimney chase if chilly air is blowing into or around your chimney. Many prefabricated chimneys shipped with chase coverings that were incorrectly placed throughout the 1970s and 1980s. With inexpensive materials and pursuit coverings that barely lasted a few years, manufacturers constructed chimney chases. And as the chase cover wears out, if it is not changed right away, and then may start to experience issues with your chase because water can seep into the drywall or wood.