Stowe Derby

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We welcome all photos and invite you to visit the attached links. It's very interesting to see how each of these photographers capture the same race, but somehow, use their creative eye to turn the event into their own!  Enjoy!!!!

2015 Video of skiers and fat bikers by Video Vermont

2015 Fat Bike Derby BLOG and stats from Jeff Dieffenbach - A MUST read!


2015 Mike Hitelman Stowe Derby

2015 Bear Cieri Photography

2015 Over and Above Aerial Photography - elevated video of the event

2015 Fat Bike Derby Adventure - BLOG by Bruce Bell

2015 RECON from the GMVS Team

2014 Mike Hitelman photography

2014 NEW Benjamin Bloom Derby photos - 20% off until 3/20 with the code 'Derby20' at checkout

2014 Short Course by Alan Ouellette

2013 Benjamin Bloom Photography - Searchable archive of photos and Sonic Bloom BLOG

Curtis Savard Photography - Photo BLOG

Mike Hitelman Photography - Photo BLOG

2014 Short Course video by Over and Above Photography

2014 Long Course video by Over and Above Photography

Over and Above Aerial Photography

Over and Above Aerial Photography - elevated video of the event

Video Clip produced by Matt Sutkoski of the Burlington Free Press

THE CUTEST Video ever seen... Short course! Thanks Over and Above!

The fastest Derby Freestyle descent captured on David Connery's GoPro.  In your next life, you too can ski that fast, and not fall, and earn that early number.  Dream on, or ski faster today!

David Connery also shares his Garmin file - "After the 3rd turn, I maxed out at 35 mph. On the lower section, on the power lines I got up to 38.8 mph." Not bad...!?!?!?

A FUN BLOG from Adventure Travel Mom and - Six Ways to Prepare for the Stowe Derby.

Also coming, some more footage from the Official MMSC race video. We'll post it here shortly. was part of the race in 2012.  Wendy Velander, a spirited long time veteran of the Derby volunteered to wear the GoPro camera.  Here is what was was produced. Thanks to all for the memories!

Wendy's 2012 Race

Here is one more fun Derby video taken by a group of High School Students (who signed up LATE and got DFL start numbers).  At least the fast kids got to pass a LOT of skiers between their crashes! Enjoy, and thanks Matt Voisin for sharing.

Links for the 2012 photos from:

Benjamin Bloom

Photos by Over and Above Aerial Photography

Shot in Vermont


Order photos taken the day of the race by Ski Pix.