Fat Bike racers will NOT take the usual shuttle busses offered for Derby skiers as your start is in a different location. See below for exact time pick up. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for any bike transportation.

Best option: In a perfect world, a friend can make one trip, and drive multiple racers and bikes to the start area at the same time, drop off between 12pm and 1pm. We strongly encourage carpooling and remind you to allow for plenty of time as traffic will be heavy on the Mountain Road. There is strictly no parking at the start area, i.e. this is a quick drop-off only option.

Next option: Racers bring their bikes to the start and leave the fatbike in the designated area by 11am. Bikes can be dropped off next to the Conference Center, at the base of the Toll Road.

Racers then need to drive back toward the village on the Mountain Road and park their vehicle at the Rusty Nail (1190 Mountain Road). Please park smartly so that a maximum of vehicles can be accommodated.

Better option: Park a the Rusty Nail, and ride to the next bus stop up the Mountain Road. You can then get on the regular Stowe GMTA Shuttle and get off at the base of the Toll Road, ask the driver if needed. HH Bingham, left side of through the main door to The Inn at the Mountain will be open for shelter from 12:00pm on.

For tracking of the shuttle bus, go to: GreenMountainTransit. For a hard copy of the bus schedule click on this link. Follow Uphill Schedule.

The Mountain Road will be very busy, so whether you are getting a ride or not, plan accordingly and allow for extra time.

FOR THE START, plan to be ready to race at least 20-30 minutes before your start time. You will be instructed to line up in waves of five according to your bib number. Each wave will be sent every 30 seconds. Remember that the clock starts whether you are there or not. Only bring to the start what you plan to wear racing, and remember the helmet. No helmet, no start.

2017 Course is still being determined.  PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UP TO DATE INFORMATION PRIOR TO RACE...

Think of your options back to your car carefully;

  • Ride back to your car
  • Get picked up by someone / carpool with another racer back to your car