Rules and Etiquette

We are SUPER excited to include Fat Bikes in the Derby again this year. There are a lot of logistics and timing involved, especially considering that this is a point to point race. Again this year, we are under the scrutiny and the watchful eye of all, from apprehensive old time Derby skiers to crazy kamikaze downhill racers and everyone in between.

Our ultimate goal is to include more fat bikes every year, and hopefully start at the top of the Triple chair once the lifts can accommodate bikes. To accomplish that, we need to run a perfect race again in 2017. The cooperation of EVERYONE is needed to prove that we all can be respectful of the trail, cordial to other racers, polite with volunteers and display over-the-top sportsmanship in all ways possible. We thank you for being a part of the event, for embracing those important goals and for helping us achieve them. Have a blast, and ride fast!

Competitors must obey all rules or risk being disqualified.

  • All competitors are required to wear a HELMET and proper safety gear while on the race course
  • ONLY Fat Bike are allowed, NO mountain bikes
  • A minimum front and rear tire of 3.8" is mandatory. Standard mountain bikes are NOT allowed.
  • Racers are allowed to use only ONE bike for the entire race
  • On race day, riders and NOT allowed on the course until their start time
  • Riders must have their bib  / number visible at all times during the race
  • In the eventuality of a mechanical problem, riders must fix the problem promptly, OR quit the race
  • Riders must stay OFF the set ski tracks at ALL times and ALWAYS give skiers priority on the course
  • Be considerate when passing a slower biker or skier, and politely say "passing on your left"
  • If being overtaken by a faster rider or skier, please make every effort to allow them to pass safely
  • At the finish, riders must clear the finish line and clear the area as soon as possible. Follow the signs to park your bike temporarily if needed.
  • Rider wishing to return on the course to cheer a friend must remove their bib.
  • Timing ends at 3pm.

Attention fatbikers: Please note that studded tires are allowed in the Derby however, home-made studded tires consisting of screws or other improvised pointed/sharp ended studs WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on the course. Acceptable studs consist of factory produced, purpose made studded tires (e.g. 45NRTH Dillinger tires) and blunt ended carbide aftermarket fatbike tire studs (e.g. Gripstuds). All tires will be inspected at the time of race and Stowe Derby management reserves the right to refuse racecourse access to competitors with studs deemed unsafe.