Fat Meister

Racers in this category will embrace the full Stowe Derby experience competing in skiing and biking. This category is for EXPERTS only, and limited to 25 participants for the inaugural year. Fat Meisters race in the Freestyle race AND the Fat Derby and get a combined time. If you choose this category, be aware that you will have a lot of logistics to manage on your own. We strongly encourage carpooling, and / or having a driver on hand to bring you and your bike to the start of the Fat Derby in a timely manner.

Ski Race: Because of time constraints, only Freestyle / Skate participants can be a part of this competition. In the ski portion of the event, racer must use ONE pair of skis for the duration of the race. Broken poles can be replaced. Alpine, telemark, split board, classic nordic skis are welcome but we strongly encourage racers to use skate skis in this race. The Freestyle race starts at 10am, and racers will be assigned a start number based on time of registration. Skiers start at the top of the Toll Road in waves of five every 30 seconds. For more information about the Freestyle race, click here.

Fat Bike Race: Fat Meisters are also a part of the Fat Derby. Make sure to be familiar with ALL aspects of this event, including bike drop off and transportation logistics. We are not offering any bike transportation. We strongly suggest you plan your own transportation (including your bike's) to the start of the Fat Derby.

Prizes will be assigned to top three men and women. Results will be available online after the event. All timing ends at 3:30pm.