Long Course

The long course is about 16km and is for racers ages 14 and up.  FINAL COURSE IS DETERMINED CLOSER TO RACE BASED ON CONDITIONS

Choose between the freestyle category (which regroups all skate skiers, alpine, tele and split snowboarders) and the classic (no skating allowed - ever).

The Long Course begins at the top of the Look Out Chair at Stowe Mountain Resort. Waves of 5 skiers are sent off every 30 seconds. The first 4 miles of the race is all downhill along the Auto Toll Road. The course then meets up with trails of the Stowe Mountain Resort Cross Country Center and Trapp Family Lodge Nordic Center. The last portion of the race is along the Stowe Recreation Path to Stowe High School. Course subject to change based on snow and weather conditions.  Please note that the race will finish at Stowe High School.

Skating / Freestyle race starts at 10:00am.

Classic race starts at 12pm.

Finish Location: TBA based on snow conditions. Most likely the 2017 race will finish at Stowe High School.


All racers SHOULD ride the buses from the Stowe High School to the start at Mt. Mansfield Base Lodge. There is NO racer parking at the mountain.

BUSES: Buses will leave the High School as soon as they are full or approximately every fifteen minutes, starting at 8:30am. The last bus will leave at 10:30 and is reserved for skiers entered in the classic race. Allow at least 45 minutes for riding the bus.

Remember your start time begins when your bib number is up whether you are there or not. BECAUSE OF LIFT LINES, PLEASE ALLOW ONE HOUR FOR RIDING THE LOOKOUT LIFT TO THE START.  When you get to the top of the lift go LEFT to the Toll Road trail. Minimum total time from the High School to make it to your start on time is 1:30 minutes minimum.

WARM-UPS AND EXTRA CLOTHING: Clear plastic bags are available at bib pick-up.  Write your name and bib number on the bag and take it with you to the start. You may pack your things in these bags and pick them up at the end of the race, outside the front door of the High School (all bags will be brought down by snowcat at the end of each race or around 12:30 and again around 2:15pm. Double up the bag if you have a lot of stuff so the bag does not rip. Please understand that while we will do our best to reunite you with your gear, we suggest you do not put any clothing of real value in your bag. MMSC cannot be held responsible for lost clothing.  Any remaining clothing will be brought to MMSC’s clubhouse.

RACE RULES: A competitor must use the same skis for the entire course. FIS rules apply to broken skis and poles: competitors must finish with one of the skis started upon and broken poles may be replaced at any point on the course.

When you are overtaken by another racer, you MUST give up the track by stepping ENTIRELY OUT OF THE WAY (i.e.:  both skis out of the track).  Skating is allowed in the Skating race only – NO skating in the Classical Race.

Each racer must wear his/her bib in a visible fashion at all times, especially when crossing the finish line or a time will not be recorded. Please do not go back on the course wearing your bib if you have already finished.

TIMING: Remember your start time begins when your bib number is up whether you are there or not. Computer timing ends at 2:30 pm.

SHOWERS: Showers are available at Stowe High School until 3:00 pm. Bring your own towel. The High School will be open until 4:00 pm at which time all personal belongings must be removed.

AWARDS PARTY: The awards party will be from 2:00-5:00 pm, at the Rusty Nail, on the Mountain Road.

RACE RESULTS: ONLY A FEW COPIES of race results will be posted at the awards ceremony. The official race results will be posted on the web at www.stowederby.com and in the Stowe Reporter.  No results will be mailed or handed out before the end of the awards ceremony.