Derby Meister

The Derby Meister is the TRUE test of endurance skiing! Skiers racing in this race will race both the Skate and the Classic races, back to back. Around 40km of skiing, a test of endurance, a leg burner, an awesome experience! Exact distance of course is determined closer to race date and is based on snow conditions.  This is for EXPERTS ONLY. Really.

Some info you need to know:

In the Derby Meister, you are allowed to change skis between races.

Because of time constraints, the transition between the end of your skate race and the start of your classic race needs to happen quickly. Bottom line: you should have enough time to make your second start if you waste no time at the finish. Remember that the clock starts whether you are there or not.

RACER PACKET: At registration, you will pick up both of your race bibs. The smaller number is your Skate race bib, the larger is the Classic. You will be given the start times, it may be smart to write them down on your bibs just in case. The start is done by waves of five skiers every 30 seconds. It goes very quickly.

FINISH LOCATION: Each of the races end at Stowe High School (course subject to change.) Please be aware that for Meisters, there will be no bus transportation to bring you back up for your Classic start.

Plan a support crew to pick you up at the finish. In the car meeting you (or parked) at the finish will be your set of classic skis, boots and poles, and extra clothes and parka for you to change into. Remember that your original parka and any other extra clothing will still be on top at this point.

The lap time between the two races is pretty tight so plan to head right back up to the mountain after you finish the skate race. Traffic can be a factor on this holiday week. Better to wait in the lodge for a few minutes than to miss your start. Remember that the clock starts whether you are there or not.

The bags of clothes are all brought back to the High School and will be there around 2:30ish. Double up the bag if you have a lot of big stuff. The showers are open until 3pm, bring extra clothes in case you have to wait, and a towel.  Party location will be at the Rusty Nail.